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Updated August 2, The latest spoilers suggest that Beth will get trapped in a love triangle with Daryl and Andrew. The trailer of the show released by AMC already confirmed that Beth, who was kidnapped during last season, will reappear in Season 5. As shown in the trailer, Beth is being held captive by some creepy hospital people from where she will be rescued by Rick, Daryl and their group. Daryl, who has difficulty in expressing his emotions, might get overwhelmed to see his old friend back and this may spark their love in the zombie apocalypse world. I took it like, if Daryl had feelings for Beth, he didn’t understand them.

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The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, places, events, etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. He had got his first job outside of college with the place and he felt a certain form of camaraderie not only with the place but with all of the staff as well.

Jack threaded a hand through his trimmed brown hair before tipping a glass of water to his lips to polish off the tickle at the back of his throat.

“It’s Beth,” Andrea states. Lori rushes up to the house with Andrea, leaving me standing there, confused. I put the basket back into the RV, and run across the field to where Daryl is walking.

He knew it was a bad idea in the first place but hell, he needed it. But right now, he wanted to return it. His head was spinning faster than a damn roadrunnder, his balance was complete shit, obvious as he held onto the wall while he slowly made his way down the hallway of the house. He couldn’t tell if he was thinking aloud or not, and decided he didn’t give a shit either way.

But when he passed a cracked bedroom door, and the smell of lillies, he absent mindedly went towards it. He stopped at the door, and caught sight of a young lilah, pulling her shirt off over her head. Daryl held his breath, as her narrow waist stretched and her ribs poked out. Her stomach was flat and fit, and so damn sexy in his drunken haze.

Hell, she was sexy either way. Her body was a dream, and he would have already taken that for himself, had she not been 17 years old. He could imagine all the things he would do to her, to just get ten minutes of her writhing underneath him, to stare into her sexy green eyes as he fucked the Hell out of her.. Daryl shivered, standing straight, staggering, then pushing the door open. She gasped, turning and seeing Daryl advance on her, his demeanor that of a hunter.

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There are legions of die-hards for “Caryl,” obviously, but there’s also Bethyl, Michyl, Darick, Hershyl, and so on and so forth, until Daryl has been romantically linked with basically every significant character on the show, including the poncho he wore in Season 3 and at least half a dozen zombies in various states of decay. Because he’s got ridiculous sexual chemistry with literally everyone and everything, that’s why.

Below, we round up the 15 times we just couldn’t stop shipping Daryl Dixon. We’ll start with the most obvious: Although for a while back in Season 4, he and Beth were so great together that a romance seemed like a real possibility.

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Originally Posted by JaSam4Life View Post I agree Kat, Norman wants all those beat for Daryl in a romantic relationship that come before the actual romance the awkwardness and almost kisses and I think we got a little of that in last nights episode. I do agree that Beth is going to have to make the first move because Daryl won’t. The age gap doesn’t really bother me at all. It isn’t like Beth is 16, She’s 18 years old and probably close to 19 is an adult knows what she wants and doesn’t want and besides Daryl and Beth aren’t the only age gap “maybe” couple.

So if Daryl and Beth were to have a full on relationship they wouldn’t be the only age gap ones in this show. Basically he’s leaving it opening clearly because he doesn’t want to give it away if it is happening and doesn’t want to spoil it isn’t either. Norman once again coming out and talking about Beth NOT being a child and other stuff She is not a little girl.

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You keep telling yourself you have to do whatever it takes just until this is all over. But it isn’t over, this is it. This is who you are and what this place is until the end. She was in a relationship with Jimmy, another survivor of the apocalypse. After his death, she later began a relationship with Zach in Season 4.

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series developed by Frank Darabont for AMC that is based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Andrew Lincoln plays the show’s lead character, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma discovering a world overrun by zombies, commonly referred to as “walkers”.

The episode provided as much character exploration as it did scares, with Beth Emily Kinney narrowly escaping an attack inside a country club where she had led Daryl Norman Reedus. Recognizing that Daryl had completely closed himself off after The Governor’s attack and Hershel’s subsequent death, Beth pushes her companion to actually feel something instead of eating snakes for dinner in the middle of nowhere. Together, they wind up looting the zombie-riddled country club where Beth, who had been in search of her first alcoholic drink, finds some new clothes while Daryl loads up on cash, jewelry and matches.

When Beth does finally find some peach schnapps, she’s unable to find a clean glass and begins to cry, revealing that she wanted was a drink since she never was able to lie down and cry about losing nearly everyone she loves. Daryl responds by leading her out of the place and taking her to the abandoned shack he discovered with Michonne — one that happens to be filled with moonshine.

They wind up getting drunk together, and via a game of “I’ve never,” learn more about each other. Of course, Daryl is a mean drunk and blows up at Beth after she indirectly asks if he’s ever been in jail. This becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back and Daryl flies off the handle, ultimately revealing that he feels guilty for giving up his search for The Governor and feels responsible for Hershel’s death and the fall of the prison. He tells Beth that everyone they know is dead and they’re unlikely to ever see anyone they knew again before he begins to cry.

Ultimately, Beth suggests rather than spend the night at the shack — which is doing nothing but reminding Daryl of where he came from — that they burn it to the ground in a bid to help Daryl close the book on a past that haunts him. The new dynamic duo wind up back on the road, only this time there’s a sense of hope in each of their steps. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Reedus to break down the episode, what Daryl opening up means for the badass character and how his relationship with Beth might evolve going forward.

Plus could they, too, wind up at Terminus?

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Edit Before the outbreak, Merle and his brother Daryl lived somewhere in the mountains of North Georgia with their neglectful parents; their father being an alcoholic and their mother being both that and a chain smoker. When they were both young, they lost their mother to a house fire that had been caused by her cigarette while she was asleep. Because of the lack of love and guidance he was given, Merle chose to act out against society, which led him to frequently be incarcerated in juvenile institutions.

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The Walking Dead season 1 Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes wakes from a coma discovering a world overrun by zombies. After befriending Morgan Jones , Rick travels alone to Atlanta to find his wife Lori , his son, Carl , and his police partner and best friend, Shane Walsh , encountering other survivors. Tension between Rick’s group and Hershel’s family worsens after it is discovered that Hershel has kept friends and family turned into zombies, including Sophia, in his barn.

Shane and Rick’s friendship becomes increasingly unhinged when Lori reveals that she is pregnant, and Rick is forced to kill Shane in self-defense. Carl then shoots Shane in the head after he reanimates. The noise draws zombies, forcing Rick’s group and Hershel’s surviving family to evacuate the farm. The Walking Dead season 3 Eight months after fleeing Hershel’s farm, Rick’s group finds a prison, which they clear of zombies to make their new home.

Lori dies in childbirth, and Rick becomes withdrawn. Meanwhile, Andrea is rescued by Michonne and the two discover Woodbury, a fortified town led by a man known as the Governor. He learns of Rick’s group at the prison, leading to conflict between them. Rick’s group eventually raids and destroys Woodbury, but the Governor has Andrea ultimately killed and escapes. Woodbury’s citizens live with Rick’s group at the prison.

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Daryl Dixon Daryl has been careless and reckless recently and he’s paid the price for it. As one of the cast on the TV show that is not in the comic book , Daryl is a wild card and a unicorn. His loyalty to Rick Grimes and the group has been unwavering, even in the face of great turmoil. This analysis of Daryl Dixon contains spoilers from “The Walking Dead” TV show and comic book series and may talk about events yet to unfold in the zombie apocalypse, so proceed with caution.

Daryl and his relationship to the group Daryl replaced Shane as Rick’s right hand man after he died, and since then the two have become brothers in a war they never realized they’d have to fight. Initially, the relationship could have soured after Rick left Daryl’s brother Merle Dixon to die on an Atlanta rooftop, but cooler heads prevailed.

It’s been ten years since Daryl Dixon held the lifeless body of Beth Greene in his arms. The world has changed, but humanity has survived, and Daryl Dixon has survived too. He is alive; still breathing, still walking, still pushing himself to keep going year after year until one day, everything changes again.

You didn’t like Shane when he became protective, but it probably had to do with your close friendship with Lori, Shane’s lover. You were the only one Lori had told about the little relationship, but she had also told you she was a widow, so you couldn’t understand why she would be so against telling people, mainly her twelve year old son Carl. Suddenly, you overheard Morales tell Dale that they had escaped death from the help of a stranger, and called out ‘Helicopter Boy’, and a man stepped out of the large van.

You looked over Dale’s shoulder to get a better look of him, seeing a good looking man in his mid-thirties or so, with dark curly brown hair, bright blue eyes and a broad build. You knew Shane had been a cop before the outbreak, but he no longer wore the uniform. Your eyes widened, looking between Lori and Shane briefly before realising this must have been Rick Grimes, Lori’s ‘deceased’ husband.

Rick tearfully embraces Carl while falling to his knees, before climbing back to his feet and pulling Lori into his chest.

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For many her death triggered a genuine grief response and left countless fans bereft of happiness, sobbing and in shock. For days and even weeks, fans of Beth mourned her senseless passing. Daryl and Beth on The Walking Dead. In a turn of fate that can only be described as miraculous, Daryl spots the car that stole Beth and he immediately springs into action to rescue her with Carol in tow.

The man who has played Rick Grimes for eight seasons will return for only a handful of episodes next season—with Norman Reedus’s Daryl Dixon set to take his place at the show’s center.

Beth Greene was a main character on The Walking Dead television series, who is not from the comics. Canon Overview Beth Greene is a survivor of the zombie outbreak. She is the youngest daughter of Hershel and is the half-sister of Maggie. Losing her mother and half-brother to the outbreak devastated her. Although initially considered weak, especially with her suicide attempt, she would eventually grow to be stronger.

Beth is a source of optimism and hope for the group. She would watch over and take care of Judith Grimes at the prison.

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