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Many top Record labels have failed terribly because they build their business around 1 major artisteinstead of trying to grow all the artistes signed under the label. Things will start going bad and the reputation of the Label will start noise-diving and everything will eventually collapse. Trouble started between Wizkid and EME in after they had issues with the way funds is being shared between both parties including the manager. The issue was later resolved but not too long after, trouble started again in the camp which sees Wizkidfinally exiting the Label. Shaydee and Niyola put in all their best to remain under the Label but was forced to move on away from EME. The Label was well known all over the World for their good work in the Nigeria music space with millions of cash to throw around.

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But he is set to have a revamp this year, with new moves to spark his career. This new announcement will surely spark some reactions among fans and industry enthusiasts. The duo set up the record label in , where they have Tekno, Selebobo, Mr Chibbz, and Tonye Garrick are all signed.

Joselyn Dumas rocked a white-and-black Duaba Serwa dress, which features purple detailing on the sweetheart neckline and a shoulder strap. Opting for soft wavy curls, she completed her look with.

June 23, Boko Haram regroups, invades Borno towns Boko Haram insurgents in Borno State, dislodged by security forces in the wake of the emergency rule by President Goodluck Jonathan from their Sambisa Game Reserve camps, appear to be fighting back. NE was made to understand, yesterday, that they have not only regrouped, they have also sacked at least two major towns in the state. One of the towns is Bama, where the insurgents struck in the weeks before Jonathan imposed the emergency rule in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, killing 40 policemen, 13 prison warders, three soldiers and several civilians.

The other is Gwoza. Bama and Gwoza, located along the Sambisa offshore, are said to be the strongholds of Boko Haram, the Islamist group fighting to impose Islamic values on Nigeria, a secular state, and campaigns against Western education. Military forces, who launched a campaign against the insurgents, including air raids by the air force, following the emergency rule imposed in Borno, had claimed that the Boko Haram members had relocated to Mandara and Gwoza hills among others desert areas of Borno State.

But tales from fleeing Bama and Gwoza residents arriving Maiduguri, the state capital, yesterday, showed that the insurgents had regrouped and launched fresh attacks on Bama and Gwoza. James John, a retired civil servant, whose brother in-law was said to have been shot dead by Boko Haram in Bama, on Thursday, told our correspondent:

Emma Nyra Biography and Songs

Soccer ace Neymar, 22, sends private jet to collectSerbian model to bring her to Barcelona after pair met in Ibiza Champions League star Neymar, 22, reportedly sent a private plane for Serbian model Soraja Vucelic to bring her to visit him in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Tabloid Kurir reported that Soraja, 28, and the footballer met last summer in Ibiza and since then she and the Brazilian national football team star have reportedly been chatting frequently via Skype.

According to the Dailymail, Soraja allegedly flew to Neymar in Barcelona and stayed there for several days. The paper claims that the couple first agreed she would visit him at the end of October, but then decided they couldn’t wait that long and instead he cancelled the tickets and sent a private plane to collect her instead. The model later published a photo in Neymar’s Barcelona FC jersey in the aeroplane on her Instagram account.

Got into naija two days ago. Jetted off to Abuja this morning on an 11am flight. When I broke that story. Comments that I eventually deleted for privacy reasons. I subsequently got an email tip-off from a certain someone who claimed to be super privy to inside information on the love triangle. I refused to publish it until I got confirmation. Both sides are pointing accusing fingers at each another. The source confirmed the details of the email I had received which read: Emma is not the only one he has beaten but i wont name names.

Moreover ubi was still sleeping with my friend up on till last month and even got her pregnant so imagine our shock that he is dating anyone let alone engaged. Hold on, a lady getting engaged isnt it supposed to be the happiest thing for her? This is just my 2cents tho.

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The drama that has so far been unfolding could only be likened to a telenovella plotted around a love triangle with the principal characters being Emma Nyra, Ubi Franklin and Lilian Esoro. A lot of rumors have been trailing Ubi and Lilian since the later proposed with insiders saying the engagement has been called off, however an interview granted by Emma added a rather interesting twist to the plot. When asked by her interviewer if she had dated Ubi or Iyanya, Emma vehemently denied, even going as far as to swear that she never dated Ubi or Iyanya.

Those who were in the know were quick to rubbish her claim saying she dated Ubi for 3 years before they went their separate ways, leading to her exit from the label. Silence and success are the best revenge only fools shout. Women should never be forced or abused into doing things they do not want to do.

The sexy artiste recently performed in two cities which includes Manchester the Ritz and the second show which was held in Birmingham the Drum. The Triple MG group which comprises of Iyanya, Emma Nyra, Selebobo and Tekno graced the stages of Manchester and Birmingham to the sold out crowd buzzing with anticipation and great vibe. Not only did they manage to deliver one of the best performances of their lives but also had the chance to showcase their fashion style from the very first day of their tour and travelling in style with first class.

Not forgetting the famous hat trend which was introduced by Pharrell Williams earlier which Tekno has managed to copy and adapt too. Their stylist must be doing a great job making sure that the crew is always up to date with the fashion style that is going on around, keeping up the trend and the originality that the African finest crew has to show.

The Triple MG appearance includes Selebobo the beat maker and artist who surely know how to move that waist as his brother in music Iyanya. Not only are her vocals great but she surely does know how to keep the gents eyes busy with her flirty dresses and sexy wardrobe, mesmerizing the audience with her stunning body. Iyanya who is a Nigerian recording artist who is also the co-owner of Triple MG and a Calabar native, not forgetting Mr Oreo who is loved by every female with his sexy appeal.

The screaming from the crowd sounded as if it was a musical, ladies drunk in love already before he even took his shirt off. Above all Manchester Ritz and Birmingham the Drum lived up to the expected anticipation of the Triple MG crew tour and also creating a great opportunity for other upcoming artist to support the group with different acts including LDNC Boys and many others.

As the tour kicked off in Manchester and Birmingham it has set a great foundation level for the crew to get recognised with their artistic works and also attracting many other fans across UK. In addition after attending both the Birmingham and Manchester shows, the Manchester show had a much greater audience and a live band that kept everyone entertained. The most unusual turn out of the night was having lots of girls screaming just go on stage and get touched by either of the artist especially Iyanya himself.

As my first time attending Afro Beats concert from African artist, it did live up to my expectations and the fact that Iyanya is known to be very attractive and sexy as they call him; he really did show what he is capable of doing and giving his audience a great show to remember.

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Things will start going bad and the reputation of the Label will start noise-diving and everything will eventually collapse. The Label was well known all over the World for their good work in the Nigeria music space with millions of cash to throw around. Baci, most especially had a special bond with Iyanya, a friendship that had been honed over several years.

Also, Financial mismanagement issues are also a huge part of the disagreement.

Wow, how quickly things change in the Big Brother House. It was just a mere three days ago that Hakeem was in the Diary room ranting to Biggie about how much he distrusts and dislikes Feza for moving him from the Ruby House to the Diamond House which resulted in him being separated from his lady love, Cleo. But now it looks like all has been forgiven between the two. As they have spent the day quite attached to one another. So attached in fact, that they found it hard to tear themselves apart today, during the Task.

The Task saw Housemates getting into pairs and for each pair to take a polystyrene heart and press it in between their lips and keep it there for as long as possible. Curiously, of all of the Diamonds in the House, the twosome chose to pair up together. They even held on to one another long after Biggie told them that the challenge was over.

After the Task the Housemates retreated into the living room and Hakeem and Feza hopped under covers together. Things are certainly getting interesting between these two, are they not? Could there something brewing between them or is it a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

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Born in Accra, Ghana she participated in the Miss Ghana beauty pageant at the age of 19 which opened the doors to her acting career. Last year, her relationship with Nigerian music star Iyanya brewed a lot of media attention when it ended. Since then, both parties have refused to talk about it until when she gave BellaNaija an exclusive during her last visit to Lagos.

Although he obtained a degree in Business Management, he has chosen to keep his degree aside for his first love, music, and the decision obviously was worth it, as he has hit it big in the music world. Iyanya helped transform the native dance, Etighi, into a global dance with his breakout hit, Kukere; and Etighi has since become the in-thing at every event for people of all ages and societal classes. His success was not meteoric, but it came with hard work and collaboration with a record label that spotted his enormous potentials.

Iyanya first hit the limelight after winning the first Project Fame contest in , but his big break did not come until he was signed on to DTunes. After two successful albums, a record label Made Men Music Group he co-owns with his manager, Ubi franklin , Iyanya still has so much in store for his fans. Iyanya spoke with TheCable days ago on his career success and other sundry issues in his personal life: Lagos is on the busy side; Calabar is quite chill and is not as loud as Lagos.

Family and career Even though my parents and brother who died in did not live to the days of Kukere, there was always love from them. They supported me then, whenever I said I had something to do with music. Even when I started as a rapper, I had somebody who wrote the rap for me. It was not like I wrote the rap myself.

It was not even my idea.